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The power system model FLORE

lundi 13 février 2017, par Arancha Sánchez

The Model

FLORE (French Linear Optimization for Renewable Expansion) is a cost-minimization model of the French power sector. It optimizes simultaneously dispatch and investment up to 2050, and estimates the capacity mix, as well as generation and prices.

FLORE is based on representative technologies, with a particular focus on nuclear and hydropower modelling to reflect the specificities of the French power mix. All technologies are endogenous for both investment and dispatch, except for hydro capacities. Existing nuclear plants may be retrofitted for 20 years when they reach 40 years old, or they are decommissioned. Hydro resources from dams and pumping stations are dispatched optimally. In addition, all capacities are jointly optimized over the horizon, in order to provide a consistent trajectory of investments. France is represented as a single node. Hourly demand, net exports and CO2 prices are exogenous.


All equations and input data are available for download.
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Online app

An online app is available, to test the model.
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