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ROUDIER Philippe

mardi 21 septembre 2010, par Philippe Roudier

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Campus du Jardin Tropical
45 bis, avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
94736 Nogent-sur-Marne Cedex

Education and research interests

- PhD thesis (2012) :
Climate and agriculture in West Africa : quantification of climate change impacts on crop yields and evaluation of seasonal forecasts utility. Link

- Master thesis (2008)
Vulnerability of water resources to climate changes in the Bani watershed (Mali) : study with indicators

- Research interests : West Africa, Impact of climate change on agriculture and water resources, seasonal and 10-day forecasts, climate services.


- Roudier P, Ducharne A, Feyen L. (2014). Climate change impacts on river runoff in West Africa : a review. HESS, in press

- Roudier, P.,Muller, B., d’Aquino P., Roncoli, C., Soumaré, MA,Batté, L., Sultan, B. (2014). The Role of Climate Forecasts in Smallholder Agriculture : lessons from participatory research in West Africa. Climate Risk Management (in press). Link

- Sultan, B., Roudier, P., Quirion, P. (2013). Les bénéfices de la prévision saisonnière pour l’agriculture en Afrique de l’Ouest. Sécheresse 24 304-313. Link

- Coutu, S., Krammer, S., Bates, B. & Roudier, P. (2013). Assessing dominant uncertainties in urban buildup-washoff processes under climate change : A case study in Western Switzerland, Urban Climate, in press. Link

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- Sultan, B., Alhassane, A., Barbier, B., Baron, B., Bella Medjo Tsogo, M., Berg, A., Dingkuhn, M., Fortilus, J., Kouressy, M., Leblois, A., Marteau, R., Muller, B., Oettli, P., Quirion, P., Roudier, P., Traoré, SB., Vaksmann, M. (2012). La question de la vulnérabilité et de l’adaptation de l’agriculture sahélienne au climat au sein du programme AMMA. La Météorologie n° spécial AMMA. Link

- Ramarohetra , J., Roudier, P. & Sultan, B. (2012). Rainfall missing values filling : impacts on crop yield estimation in the soudano-sahelian zone. 25ème Colloque de l’Association Internationale de Climatologie, Grenoble 2012, 649-654. Link

- Roudier, P., Sultan, B., Quirion, P., Baron, C., Alhassane, A., Traoré, S. B., Muller, B. (2012). An ex-ante evaluation of the use of seasonal climate forecasts for millet growers in SW Niger. International Journal of Climatology 32 : 759-771.Link

- Roudier, P., Sultan, B., Quirion, P., Berg, A. (2011). The impact of future climate change on West African crop yields : what does the recent literature say ? Global Environmental Change 21 1073-1083. Link

- Roudier P, Mahé G. (2010). Calculation of design rainfall and runoff on the Bani basin (Mali) : a study of the vulnerability of hydraulic structures and of the population since the drought. Hydrological Sciences Journal 55 (3), 351-363. Link

- Roudier P, Mahé G. (2010). Study of water stress and droughts with indicators using daily data on the Bani river (Niger basin, Mali). Int. J. Climatol 30 1689–1705. Link

Talks and awards (selection)

- Roudier, P., Bisselink, B., Rojas, R., Feyen, L. (2013). Assessment of future streamflow changes in major rivers of West Africa. EGU 2013, Vienna, Austria

- Coutu, S., Kramer, S., Barry, DA., Roudier, P. (2012). Impact of climate change on runoff pollution in urban environments. AGU 2012 Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA

- Sultan B., Roudier P., Baron C. (2011) The impact of climate change on the main staple crops in West Africa. AGU 2011 Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA.

- Roudier, P., Sultan, B., Quirion, P., Berg, A. 2010. The impact of future climate change on West African crop production : a review. Colloque ACCAE, 20-22 octobre 2010, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

- Roudier P, Quirion P, Sultan B. (2009). How can seasonal forecasts change agricultural decisions ? A case study on millet producers in Niger. Talk at AMMA international conference, Ouagadougou

- Award of the Académie d’agriculture de France (French academy of agriculture), 2009


- Roudier P., Sultan B., Alhassane A. (2011). Prédire la pluie pour réduire l’insécurité alimentaire. Fiche d’actualité scientifique IRD n° 372. Link

- Roudier, P., Sultan, B., Quirion, P., Berg, A. (2011).Impact du changement climatique en Afrique de l’Ouest : bilan des études. Grain de sel 54-56.Link

- Roudier, P (2011). Participatory workshops about seasonal forecasts in Senegal. Movie available here (in french).

- Consulting for the NGO Action Against Hunger

- Lectures for master students at University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne : the impacts of climate change in West Africa.