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The SOCECO2 survey dataset

jeudi 30 août 2007, par Minh Ha Duong

This page’s dataset is provided for academic research, you will need statistical skills to use it. If you are only interested in the results, consider using the simple report provided by the TNS-Sofres institute (PDF, 962Ko) instead.

The dataset

This dataset (ZIP archive, 1.6Mo, packaged June 14, 2007) is the result of a public opinion survey in France on Carbon Capture and Storage. The key question is about "approbation of or opposition to" the use of CCS in France. This question is asked twice. First after offering a short presentation on the technology, and then again after explaining the risks. Opinion questions about climate change and mitigation technologies drawn from the international litterature on the subject were asked. The sample is split in two to test for a semantic effect : one half was talked about "Storage", the other half about "Sequestration".


1076 individuals aged 15 and above. Representativity of the French population was assured by the quota method on sex, age, head of household profession and social category, and stratification on the region and kind of urban area. Weighting is available (column named wmid1).

Files format and content

Dataset includes approximately 20 answers, plus about 20 additional social and demographic variables. Includes verbatim of the two open-ended questions on CCS definition and on questions to experts. Data provided in 3 formats : CSV flat file, SAS script and original from the Institute system.
See INDEX.TXT for files list and file content description.

Data collected by

TNS-Sofres, a top 6 survey institute in France, conducted the survey. Guénaëlle Gault, department "Stratégies d’Opinion / Société", led the survey. Reference SAB/GVA - 48 KH 92.

Data collection

The study was done April 11-12, 2007 by computer-assisted, face to face interview at home by the TNS-Sofres network of surveyors.


Data do not contain direct or indirect identifiers of the respondent.

Terms of use
Anyone may use, copy, distribute, transmit and adapt this dataset provided they satisfy the conditions of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license.

If you use this dataset in a scientific work, it is your responsibility to archive a verbatim copy. I do appreciate any comments and suggestions on this material. This is the first dataset I release and do not expect it to be bug free.

Funding source

Questionnaire development was funded by ADEME, France under the METSTOR project. Administration was funded by ANR, France under the SOCECO2 project.


This dataset can be cited as :

- M. Ha-Duong, A. S. Campos and G. Mardon (2007) The SOCECO2 survey dataset Accessed ***.

- This dataset is supplementary material to Minh Ha-Duong, Alain Nadaï, and Ana Sofía Campos. A survey on the public perception of CCS in France. (abstract and open archive version available) International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 3:633-640, 2009. doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2009.05.003.

- A technical report describing the pilot study is available : article 516.